Can I just let it all out now?

I went home after a long day of working and I soon discovered I had an empty house. The wife and kids had gone away for the weekend and left me some microwave dinners to have while watching the footy. I wasn’t exactly feeling as if I needed to go to bed that night as I thought I just couldn’t sleep. I decided to get out of bed and do something to take my mind off things and I happened to stumble across this hot babe and my thoughts of going into a deep sleep soon wavered.

Look at those luscious big titties. I wanted them bouncing all over my face, I wanted to cum all over her ample breasts while she screamed my name in pleasure and batted those long eyelashes at me to say she wanted more. My rock-solid dick had to have her. I knew my penis would look so darn perfect between that beautiful big bust of hers and a hot tit fuck session would certainly seal the deal.

No doubt that pretty little mouth of hers would have fit nice and tight around my firm hard cock too. I wanted to dive right into that. I couldn’t resist looking at all her as she sat there staring back at me. She’s just too divine for words. You have to check it out for yourself to see exactly what I’m talking about. I had no regrets, I slept sound after I came hard and watched her lick it up off those delicious nipples and I wish her well because when I come back for seconds it is going to be game on!

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